All About Paintless Dent Repair

Shallow, minor dents on cars are very common. Perhaps a rogue shopping cart bumped into your side door at the grocery, or maybe you got into a small fender bender on the way to work. Whatever the case, small dents don’t usually cause any structural damage. However, they should be fixed because they look unsightly.

This is where paintless dent repair comes in. It’s less invasive than auto body repair because it doesn’t require removing panels or paint matching. As such, it’s less expensive than traditional auto body repair.

Not sure if your car qualifies for paintless dent repair (PDR for short)? Just take it to your trusted auto body repair shop in Dallas and they will be able to tell you.

Why PDR Works

First off, paintless dent repair doesn’t take long. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes, depending on the extent of the damage and the skill of the technician. A professional can tell just by looking at the size and location of the dent what it will take to remedy the problem.

They also have the right tools and finesse to get the dent out without chipping the paint or breaking a trim panel. This is why PDR should be done by a professional. It’s not just as easy as popping out a dent. It has to be handled carefully so as to avoid other damage. For instance, they have to know the proper pressure to apply to the dent.

You don’t want to push the dent too far in the other direction – yet another reason why this is best left to the pros.

Just remember that the metal has still been damaged even though the dent is worked out. This is why PDR is only an aesthetic solution, rather than a full restoration. This is also why PDR is a relatively affordable procedure. If you were to paint match your car, get a new panel and have the technician take apart the car, this would translate to a higher repair bill. Quality paint and skilled labor don’t come cheap.

Professionals can easily assess if your dent is a good candidate for the PDR procedure. If the damage looks like a puncture or the metal has been deeply creased, PDR will not be as successful due to the damage sustained by the metal. And PDR can’t be done if the paint has been chipped or scratched.

4 Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair

  1. PDR is Quicker: It takes a lot of time for a complete auto painting project. If you do not need paint matching and panel replacement, the process goes much more quickly, which means you get your car back faster.
  2. PDR is affordable: When you skip the painting process, you save money on labor and materials.
  3. PDR is Good for Hail Damage Repair: This is a good option for small dents that have been caused by hail.
  4. PDR Boosts Resale Value: If you will be selling your car soon, it behooves you to repair all those little dents so the car looks more attractive to customers. Thus, you can get more money for it.

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