How Long Can You Expect Auto Body Repair in Dallas to Take?

It’s important to have a reliable auto body repair shop in your back pocket should you get in an unfortunate car accident. It can be stressful to experience these things, and having a collision repair shop you can trust can ease some of that stress.

While you may be concerned with how much the repair will cost, you may also be concerned with how long it will take. It all depends on the workload of the mechanic, the extent of the damage, the availability of parts, and any specialty parts that have to be ordered.

Here’s a look at what to expect when taking your car in for auto body repair in Dallas.

When Should You Take Your Car in For Repair?

In general, when the damage is severe enough to affect how your car handles or your ability to control it, that’s a good sign to take it into the shop immediately. These circumstances can include flat tires, shattered or cracked windshields, or dents that prohibit you from opening doors. However, aesthetic damage such as small dings or chipped paint can wait until you have more time.

Repair Timelines

Most auto body repair shops will do the work as quickly and efficiently as they can so they can deliver your car back to you and make way for other customers. However, keep in mind that delays and snafus can and do happen, so have patience with the process. Other factors such as the make and model of your car and any specialty parts that are required can impact the length of the repair.


Dents can arise from small accidents, by extreme weather such as hail, or even by a stray baseball. You can avoid dents by storing your car in a covered area such as a garage when you can. Park far away from other vehicles when possible as well. Small dents don’t take long to fix provided they are easily accessible by the technician.

Damaged Bumpers

Bumper damage can happen as a result of a fender bender or a collision with a stationary object such as a bicycle, garage door or tree. You can avoid bumper damage by staying alert when on the roads, being conscious of other drivers around you, and refraining from driving during extreme weather.

Paint Scratches

Paint scratches are usually just a cosmetic issue. But if the scratch is deep enough, it can introduce the possibility of rust into your paint job. If you don’t get it fixed, it will only worsen with time. As with any collision damage, have your mechanic look at it and make sure other damage underneath the surface hasn’t occurred.

Cracked Windshields

Broken windshields are not uncommon; even small cracks can cause a lot of harm without you knowing it. Tiny marks in the glass will eventually spread and get bigger if you don’t get them taken care of early on. If a crack is so large that your line of sight is affected, you may have to get your whole windshield replaced. Anything from flying debris to hail can cause cracked windshields.

Total Collision Damage

Of course, the worst kind of damage to your car’s body is what results from a major collision.  This type of extensive damage takes the longest due to its complexity and likelihood of having to order parts.

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