Why You Need a Tesla Certified Body Shop

You spent a lot of money and time researching and then buying your new Tesla electric vehicle. You’re happy with the investment but now it’s time to protect that investment. Teslas are highly-rated by owners for many reasons, according to Business Insider, not the least of which is their eco-friendliness, comfort, style and overall driving experience.

To ensure you can enjoy your Tesla experience for many years ahead, you need a Tesla certified body shop to work on your vehicle if the need arises. Here are some top reasons why.

Extensive Training

Tesla Motors has extremely high standards when it comes to its body shop network and only selects a few trusted repair shops for its certification. Thanks to a rigorous training program, you can rest assured that technicians in certified shops know a thing or two about Teslas and their composition.

Mandatory Certifications

Extensive documentation is part and parcel of the certification process, including local permits and licenses, and proof of insurance. Tesla also wants to see timely I-CAR certifications in steel and aluminum welding for on-staff technicians.

State of the Art Equipment

Tesla Motors is quite specific when it comes to the type of equipment and tools its authorized body shops should have. The shop you choose should only use the very best equipment, tools, materials and products.

Authentic Tesla Parts

To ensure your damaged Tesla  is restored to its original functionality and appearance, repairs must be performed with authentic Tesla parts. Not all collision repair shops are authorized to sell particular OEM Tesla parts, so always ask before you bring your car in for service. Only Tesla-approved shops can sell high-voltage components, for example.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Tesla offers warranties for their new vehicles for 50,000 miles or four years, or whichever comes first. You can get extended coverage for the Battery and Drive Unit, depending on the model you have. If you have your car serviced by a non-Tesla certified shop, this could impact coverage in terms of problems with the labor. Do your research when taking your Tesla to an auto body repair shop to ensure meticulous collision repairs.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

State of the art facilities are necessary to ensure top-notch Tesla electric vehicle repairs. Ideally, you want a shop that’s close to your home or work, but it’s more important that the shop be well equipped with the machines, tools and supplies necessary to perform the repair quickly and safely.

Bring Your Tesla to Top Tier Auto Body

Your Tesla will be in safe hands with us here at Top Tier Auto Body, where we specialize in working on all Tesla vehicles. We can repair your Tesla auto body if you experience any of the following:

  • Hail damage
  • Small dents
  • Door dings
  • Minor body creases
  • Bumper indentations

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