Restore the Value of Your Vehicle With PDR

Whether a rogue shopping cart dinged your car door or your car roof suffered damage from a recent hail storm, you may wonder what your repair options are. There are ways you can restore your car to its original shape with something call paintless dent repair (PDR), provided there’s been no significant paint damage.

Here’s why PDR may be a better solution over traditional auto body repair, whether the damage occurred to your Jaguar or your Audi.

PDR Over Traditional Auto Body Repair

PDR is a good body shop alternative for repairing car dents. Not only does it save you money, it saves a lot of time. Trained technicians can restore your vehicle to like-new condition using this method, which involves pulling out dents in the metal panel. It may sound easy, but a professional is needed to perform this job.

That’s because they use special techniques to massage the dented panel back into shape. This method comes with many advantages. PDR:

  • Is faster and less invasive than traditional body repair
  • Is cost-effective
  • Does not require replacement panels
  • Saves time because it doesn’t require sanding, priming, bonding and painting
  • Restores the value of your car

While traditional auto body repair certainly has its place in major collisions and paint jobs, it may not be right for minor dings. Auto body repair requires tedious and time consuming bonding, sanding and painting processes, plus it can reduce your car’s value. This is because the repainting job doesn’t always last as long as when you keep the original paint intact with paintless dent repair.

Traditional auto body repair is:

  • Time-consuming and labor intensive
  • Expensive, requiring vehicle owners to pay for the materials and labor for the cosmetic repair

When traditional repair techniques have to be performed, the shop has to document those repairs in a CARFAX report, indicating damage has occurred. If you go to sell your car later on, this can make it tough to get the money you want for it because the vehicle’s value has decreased. Prospective buyers may be hesitant to buy a car with a low value and history of damage. But when the shop only performs PDR, they don’t have to generate a damage report for submittal to CARFAX. Plus, PDR boosts the appearance of your vehicle as well as restores its value.

So if you have experienced light car damage (dents caused by objects such as baseballs, hail from a hail storm, or flying debris), consider using paintless dental removal to not only repair your vehicle but maintain its value.

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