Common Auto Body Paint Problems and How to Fix Them

Your main concern with your car is whether or not it’s functioning as it should. But don’t forget about aesthetics! The way your car looks doesn’t directly affect how fall your car works, but it does impact the value. Plus, how your car looks affects how people perceive you. It’s best that your paint job is in pristine condition.

According to CarsDirect, nearly 95 percent of all vehicles made today feature a clear coat finish. But make no mistake: this doesn’t mean that high gloss and sheen will last forever, especially if you neglect your car or don’t take it to a good auto body shop when needed. Here are some of the most common auto body paint issues that plague vehicle owners and what to do about them.


Paint cracking can be the result of any number of things, from poor flash time in between coats, to forced drying of undercoats. Other causes can include improper paint mixture, exposure to moisture or extreme temperatures, or excessive hardener use. No matter what the root problem is, you’ll notice cracking by the distinct lines appearing in the topcoat.

They’re not always the same width or length, but they form an appearance known as “alligatoring” – sort of like cracks in dried mud. This is no easy fix. You’ll have to take your car to a trusted auto body repair shop for removal of the cracked paint film followed by refinishing.


This is when the original finish or color seeps through to the topcoat color. It’s most common with older red hues, but can happen with any soluble pigment that hasn’t been removed properly prior to the vehicle being repainted. Problem areas must be cleaned and sanded correctly before applying a new coat of paint, especially when you’re changing a dark color to a light one.

Dust and Dirt

If you see small bumps on or under the paint finish, dirt or dust contamination is the likely culprit. This may happen if your car was repainted in a dusty environment without proper ventilation or by someone who transferred those contaminants to the paint job from their clothing.

One remedy is to sand the finish down and polish it, but if the dust infiltration has affected the entire vehicle, take it for a consultation to an auto body repair shop that you trust.

Poor Paint Matches

When taking components such as doors, side mirrors, and bumpers in for replacement, it’s important that the new panels match the old ones precisely. This is tough when older or customized vehicles are involved, which is why you need a skilled technician to color match them.

Keep in mind: even when the color is correct, improper application negatively impacts the final results. This is yet another reason why you should schedule an appointment at an auto repair shop that knows this type of specialized service inside and out.

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